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Add to the experience gastro and adventure

Add to your Viura experience one or more of the infinite activities we propose.

With the possibility to organize itineraries, personalizing each service or activity adding a wine tasting, transport, etc…

Air: Balloon flight, airplane flight, paraglide flight, ultralite flight.

Water: Canoing in the Ebro, Rafting, Canoa Raft, Canyoing, Aquasoft.

Earth: Trekking, Pelota Vasca, 4x4 routes, Quad, BTT routes......

  • Villabuena Wine

    Villabuena Wine

  • Wine Gallery

    Wine Gallery

  • How to become a wine expert

    How to become a wine expert

  • Architectural visit

    Architectural visit

  • Cycle touring routes

    Cycle touring routes

  • Wellness Treatments

    Wellness Treatments

  • Walking around the vineyards

    Walking around the vineyards

  • Grape harvest

    Grape harvest

  • Basque pelota

    Basque pelota