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Villabuena Wine

Villabuena de Álava has joined to offer you an unforgettable experience. 

¿What do you think about spending all morning experiencing the wine culture in a deep way walking around in roads full of renaissance houses and noble palaces with stone walls with family shields, built between XVII and XIX centuries? Through this experience we propose you to visit three different wineries; but we are not talking about the typicall guided tour on group with a guide that repeats daily lot of times the same speech. No. We propose you to visit traditional family wineries, centenary some of them, all with their own vineyards, where tradition and innovation walk together. Forget about the typical 1 hour and a half guided tour!!! You're going to do it with the owners and workers of each winery, those that accompany the wine from its origins in the vineyard to the best national and international fairs, where yearly it has been recognized and awarded because of its excellence and premium quality. In each winery the best wine of their collection will be served to you, extracted from the finest grapes coming from centenary vineyards through a process with full respect of the nature, that you will taste always accompanied with a typical spanish snack called “tapa”. The peak point of your experience will happen at the end of the journey with a live commented taste at Viura’s wine cellar, where you will be guided by our wine expert for a better appreciation and taste of the wines that you’ll enjoy this day and in the future. Everything without driving your car!!!

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